The Commodore Guys - About Us!

     John S Sozio (aka: Disc Master I) has been a Commodore 64 user since 1985 when he recieved his first C=64 for his birthday. John used his Commodore 64 computer for the rest of the 80's until his uncle convinced him that IBM compatible PCs were the wave of the future. In 1990 John put away his C64 for good, or so he thought.

     In 2002 John began collecting vintage gaming systems, then while searching eBay he saw an old familiar friend... The Commodore 64. He promptly bid on that auction and since that day has spent thousands on building his collection. (John is afraid to even think how many thousands he must have spent since 2002).

     Today John is a Information Technology department supervisor and has a very large collection of Commodore hardware/software. Some of John's collection contains multiple VIC-20s, multiple C64, C64C and C16 systems. A Commodore SX-64 (worlds first color portable computer), multiple C128 and C128D systems. John even has the very rare Educator 64 system which is a C64 in an old Commodore PET case with built in monochrome monitor.

     For software John has over 2,641 pieces of C64/128 software as well as over 175 cartridges for the system. John has a very well documented spreadsheet that lists all his hardware/software for his 8-bit systems. The Commodore 64/128 spreadsheet is by far the largest. :)

     John still uses his Commodore computers almost daily and is working on setting up a BBS geared towards actual Commodore system users. Currently, John's biggest challenge is finding space to put all of his Commodore hardware and software. :)

     If you would like to see some of the best in classic computer systems, or just experience some of the best games ever released, be sure to visit The Commodore Guys at any of the classic gaming shows they attend.

      We are still waiting for Anthony to give us the necessary information to build his mini bio.