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Use Appropriate Behavior

When visiting our ANSI Gaming Service and its related website please conduct yourself in a mature manner. Please do not use vulgarity or incite flame wars on the message forums, etc... When partaking in a multiplayer game and winning, or losing, please act professionally. A little ribbing is ok, but don't go overboard and become insulting to your opponent. We want members to enjoy our services and not to feel insulted or harassed while visiting us.

Accessing the ANSI Gaming Service/BBS

When accessing the gaming service itself, please limit yourself to one logon per session. Instances where members are caught logging in multiple times, at the same time can result in permanent bans.

If you have a question that is NOT answered here please email our staff by clicking Contact Staff and ask any questions you may have.
  Posted by: Admin John S. 11/07/2016    

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