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  NOTICE: These files are NOT Required! NOT REQUIRED    
  IMPORTANT: You DO NOT need any of the below files to play our games through our website. If you wish to play our games through a Telnet program or visit other ANSI BBS systems, then please feel free to download any of the below files that will work for your host Operating System!


  Syncterm 9.5b (Windows) [BEST COMPATIBILITY] Download Here    
  A cross-platform ANSI-BBS terminal designed to connect to remote BBSs via telnet, rlogin, or SSH. Supports ANSI music and the IBM charset when possible. Will run from a console, under X11 using XLib, or using SDL.

  Uploaded by: Admin John S. 11/07/2016    

  Netrunner [Windows] [Linux 32bit] [Linux 64bit] Download Here    
  NetRunner is a telnet client originally developed in the late 90s in sync with the release of Windows XP. It was intended to be a console telnet client which stayed true to ANSI-BBS emulation and the old school feel of DOS terminals. mTelnet and SyncTerm phone book importers, original MSDOS and Amiga fonts with font switching, full screen mode, basic scripting language, mouse support, and font UPSCALING that (when enabled) provides the highest quality BBS terminal, even at 2K full screen resolutions!

Linux 32-Bit Version   Linux 64-Bit Version
  Uploaded by: Admin John S. 11/07/2016    

  Windows NT/2k/XP ANSI Fix Download Here    
  ANSIFix is a small registry update for Windows NT, 2000 and XP. It fixes the incorrect colors that came with Windows NT/2K/XP.    
  Uploaded by: Admin John S. 11/07/2016    

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