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  Welcome to the NEW SOZnet On-Line Gaming website! Beta Test    
  Welcome to SOZnet On-Line Gaming's - ANSI Gaming Service. This service is in beta testing and there is still lots to do. The majority of the major features are complete and users can enjoy some of the online games we have already made available. Rest assured we are hard at work and will be adding many more games as we move forward through beta testing and beyond!

As we go through each phase of testing, we will tweak some areas, add new features and more games. If you would like to help beta test this service, please go to the REQUEST ACCOUNT page (link to the right) and apply for access. During testing the services provided will be FREE. The only thing we will ask of our users is to report any problems, issues or ideas they may have regarding our service. Upon completion of the BETA testing phase we will go LIVE at which point we shall continue to offer our service for....FREE! :) Yes you read that correctly, and NO it's not a typo! :)

Access to SOZnet On-Line Gaming's- - ANSI Gaming Service, will always be FREE, although if any of our users wish to donate to the system, it would be greatly appreciated. Any donations would go towards enhancing the service and not into the pockets of anyone here at SOZnet On-Line!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff by clicking
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  Posted by: John S. (Admin) 11/07/2016    

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